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The Internet of Video (IoV) is a Buzzword from the 2017 craze Internet of Things (IoT). As internet traffic is becoming more categorized, we see inception of classifications like Internet of Things. It’s being called the next Industrial Revolution, The Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality that any “Thing” which can be turned on and off has the potential to be connected and controlled by the web. Industry experts all agree that by 2021 we’ll see more than 200 billion “Things” on the Internet.
Global network background
Business’s will continue to move toward an intangible network of inter-connectivity, either because competition is moving by them fast, or
they see this trend now. Talk Fusion has predicted this shift from the start, and positioned itself perfectly. We are entering an era where businesses will need to move away from building, and start connecting more, on a Global Level.  
Talk Fusion Does Just This: bringing people together, connecting countless devices at a time, and providing instantaneous results. Our technology capitalizes on The Internet of Things (IoT), The Internet of Video (IoV) and the connectivity of “Things”. Talk Fusion offers businesses what they need all in one package.
Have You ever wanted to capitalize on an Industry Trend? How would you have liked to be at the beginning of Apple? or Microsoft?
Talk Fusion offers you the Opportunity to share this technology and Get Paid. Talk Fusion not only has World Class Video Communication Products, it also has the World’s First Instant Pay Plan, Paying from any ATM in the world.  See More & Get >>Free Trial<< Now!

About Internet of Video

Talk Fusion is changing lives around the world! Talk Fusion is providing thousands and thousands of people worldwide with cutting-edge Products. Through a unique combination of revolutionary Video Communication products and technology, perfect timing, outstanding service and world-class support, remarkable branding and impressive charitable contributions, Talk Fusion is perfectly positioned to become the next billion dollar brand.
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